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March 21, 2011


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State Environmental Protection Department announced the first national census of pollution sources data shows that the national scale livestock and poultry farms, livestock and poultry manure produce up to 243 million tons, the urine production capacity of 163 million tons, has become one of the largest agricultural sources, is the column to the top. At the same time, the national year of animal husbandry and aquaculture wastewater emissions more than 10 billion tons, far more than the sum of industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater emissions According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Technology Development Center Director, the Chinese the biogas Society Secretary-General Li Jingming to pig example, a slaughter pig life excretion of about 1.1 tons, a sow excretion of about 4 tons a year, about 600 million of the annual slaughter pigs, breeding sows 45,000,000, which scale farming accounts for about 42% of the intensive pig farms focus excretion of up to 320 million tons per year. If these excreta discharged directly into rivers, lakes, the water will cause serious pollution in Guangzhou City Dairy Association, told reporters that Wang Ding cotton residue of cow dung, cow urine, wastewater treatment process also generates a lot of carbon emissions, a mature dairy day about voiding of 20 kg, 25 kg of cow dung, a cow's carbon emissions equivalent to the carbon emissions of 20 individuals, therefore cattle are efforts to go eco-farming, recycling road. Cattle manure on the one hand the water after microbial fermentation converted into organic fertilizer for the pasture back Tian biochemical treatment, on the other hand can be implemented, such as the marsh after generation, the byproduct of the biogas slurry and biogas residue diluted can also be used for fish farming. But the harmless disposal and resource utilization of pig manure needs to introduce fecal wet and dry separation machine, one would cost $ 1.5 million, the cost is still too high for SMEs or farmers, the crux of the matter is control the emissions of the swine.

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